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Company profile

HomSolar (Shenzhen) Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to the intelligent application of energy, and is a professional system solution provider of wind, photovoltaic, and electric new energy and energy storage solutions.

Our goal is to provide global customers with safe and efficient energy solutions with strong R&D capabilities, outstanding technology and advanced manufacturing management.

Industrial Structure

CELL: 4 production lines with a capacity of 600,000 pcs/day;     SMT: 38 production lines with a capacity of 1,000,000 pcs/day;    PACK: 8 production lines with a capacity of 60,000 groups/day.


BMS R&D department

products include SHS,LEV, HESS, DESS, etc. The total staff is 50+


Power R&D department

power products related to industry, rail transit, energy storage system, base station backup system, etc. The total staff is 65+.


Manufacturing center

products include BMS, cell, battery module, power supply, and customized products. The total staff is 1000+.


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Test equipment/production product control

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